Twin Flames Tarot

A Heart Full Tarot Card Reading Certification Course


To help twin flames understand their own nature, attitude of the twin, obstacles in their union and how to turn their challenges into opportunities. When the world and existing belief systems cause twin flames any sort of suffering especially emotional, mental and social then divine help is required. Tarot card reading is system of divination that bring out the hidden secrets of our life.


The DIVINE CREATOR, PRESERVER AND DESTROYER of the Universe speaks to us through 5 major means :-

  1. Symbols– they are the language of the mind and carry ideas for human development across centuries. Over time symbology inspires people towards ascension.
  2. Forms– The placement of symbols and associated accessories creates a form on the tarot card.
  3. Number– In Tarot , each concept is given a number that brings out greater details in a sublime way only known to a certified reader
  4. Colors – Metaphysically colors can make the human system secrete hormones based on the shade and relative depth of the color . They impact the
    1. subtle energy system
    2. relationship with tarot card
    3. distinction in different tarot card thinkers
    4. and more…
  5. Intuition and Inner Wisdom– These are the foundation of all predictive sciences and the mystic has to develop a connection with consciousness – energy , within and without.This happens with the help of spreads of tarot cards.

Course Details

Basics of all of above is covered in this course.

  • Total classes – 15
  • Class frequency – mutually decided
  • Class duration – 1.5 -2 hours
  • Course duration – as per students capacity to learn
  • Certification will be provided.
  • One free visit and a chance for initiation ritual

Special: Once a week doubt removal session free for six months after date of course completion.