Kriya Kundalini Yoga – Teacher Training


This is our Kriya Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course.


Participants can become certified Kriya Kundalini Yoga teachers.


This course is for anyone, especially our students, who are going through Inner work program.
This will help them to become a teacher them self and thus teach others in future and thus help in raising the consciousness of the planet.


  • Number of classes: 22 Practical + 5 Theory
  • Class duration: 1.5 – 2 hrs
  • Class types: All classes are help in a Group
  • Course duration – Depends on students ability to grasp and practice course content.

Course Steps:


This course will be conducted by our spiritual teacher ‘Yogi BuddhaDeva‘. It is him who had made us this capable that we are able to guide you in your inner work journey. So it will be a divine blessing to students who are able to come into contact with him.

Yogi BuddhaDeva