Kriya Kundalini Yoga Attunement


Online Attunement for Kriya Kundalini Yoga Will Be Held On:

Date: Saturday, 12th Sep 2020
Time: 7 PM IST
Duration: 1 hr
Number of Sessions: Only 1
First time Attunement Fee: Rs 2100/ USD 50
Location: Online

Re-Attunement Fee: Rs 1100/ USD 30
(Re-Attunement means that you have already taken this attunement before and now you want to get re-attuned)

For Further details, send a Whats app message to
Param: +91-94780-16938

Attunement is a special ceremony in which an experienced teacher initiates a student to evolve and empowers him/her to unfold his potentials to move in the direction of his very purpose in life.



Also, a particular attunement graces one to have those power, wisdom, and tools needed most by the student.

An accomplished master or Guru transfers the energy and impacts the consciousness of the student to follow the path to realize his goal/ purpose.

Attunement is actually a ritualized blessing to the student by the Guru.


This attunement will be conducted by our spiritual teacher ‘Yogi BuddhaDeva‘.

It is him who had made us this capable that we are able to guide you in your inner work journey. So it will be a divine blessing to students who are able to come into contact with him.

Yogi BuddhaDeva