Chakra Healings


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Date: Saturday, 18th July 2020
Time: Morning 7 AM IST
Language: Hindi

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Ritu Om (Sadhavi Rohini Krishna): +91-98764-91309
Yogi Jnana Param: +91-94780-16938


The aim of this course is to cleanse and energize different energy centres in our body, leading to self growth and a life of freedom from negativities.


  • All hidden suppressed emotions which blocks abundance, growth are released.
  • Chakras are energised with pure energy.
  • It will help to cure physical, mental and emotional illnesses.
  • Energetic blocks to spiritual progress gets removed thereby enhancing power of manifestation.
  • It increases flow of money, power, intelligence.
  • Divine connection gets established.
  • Freedom from negative thinking, overthinking.
  • High self esteem, confidence and courage.
  • Increase in memory and concentration.
  • Sharpening of awareness.
  • Able to meditate effectively and powerfully.

List is endless of benefits derived from chakra healing/balancing.


  • Total number of classes: 7
  • Class frequency: Once a week on Saturdays
  • Class duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs
    • You will get audios of all sessions blessed with pure energy.
    • Make sure to do 7 days self practice before second class so that progress and changes can be monitored.
    • Various other techniques will be shared to balance chakras.
    • Support and guidance can be taken anytime even after completion of course.
  • Energy exchange Fee: Rs 21000/ USD 400

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