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A Second Chance Therapy – Childhood Sexual Encounters

Childhood Sexual Encounters

– Guilt, Physical Abuse and Fears.

Mr. S is 23 year old, who lives in a joint family. His father is more concerned about the business and his mother is very strict. She continuously interferes, does his comparison with other kids, very dominating and extremely physical abusive. He had been beaten lots of times by his mother with all kind of items available in the house like sleepers, hockey sticks, etc.

As far as he can remember, he has seen his parents always fighting.

He is religious because he has a fear that if he don’t go to religious place like gurudawara then he will be punished. Obviously, this thought has been implanted in his mind by his parents.

He suffers with anxiety, mood swings, depression and above all FEARS.
He failed in 9th standard and then shifted his school to another school, then to college and finally left the engineering in the final year. So he did not complete his graduation.

He sleeps very less, probably an hour or two in night.

So the main problems that he is facing right now are confusion, dissatisfaction, guilt of failure in education, fear of mother, fear of business, fear of failure, can’t say no, cannot express himself and fear of multiple object like darkness, wooden boxes….. and above all the guilt of childhood sexual Encounters.

I took him deep into meditation to the main events of his life.

Trip to china: He saw his trip to China a few years back and felt very good about it. I asked him why he is feeling good and he replied “There is no interference. I am free, I can eat anything I want, I can eat non-veg, anytime. I can do anything I like. It feels like freedom.”

Failure in 9th standard: I asked him to go back in time to the time when he failed in 9th standard. He saw himself in the class where his teacher was calling him and told him that he got zero marks. Teacher said that this boy is fool. He felt that teacher should not have done that humiliation of him in front of class. I asked him to switch his perspective and see what his teacher was thinking. “My teacher only did that so that I study harder next time. I took this humiliation in a negative manner.”

Same pattern: I am tying my turban. I am feeling anger as I don’t like wearing turban. I get late because I cannot tie it properly. I feel very uncomfortable. My classmates and others in school teases me for tying this turban. But I have to follow our religion and so I have to wear it. My father is helping me out. My mother is very strict. She is very religious and she is forcing me to tie a turban. I am very upset and angry at her. So I asked him to switch his perspective and see why his mother is like this.
“My mother’s father is beating my mother and her sister. He is very strict and he takes both the sisters to Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib every day. He made them religious and so my mother is following the same pattern till now”. This understanding gave him the clarity that his mother was just doing what she had been through her whole life. I asked him that if he is going to do the same with his kids and he said “NO! I will break the chain. I will be a good father”.

Childhood Sexual  Encounters: He saw himself at the age of around 9 years when he was with another person of nearly same age at his house in the bathroom. They were trying to kiss each other when his mother caught him. She beat him up for this and it remained as a wound in his memory.
Further such encounters happened around 5 to 6 times more in his coming years. Some happened at school some happened at home and some happened at his relatives places. But the common thing was that all of these encounters were with mutual consent of both the partners.
He was carrying the guilt of these Encounters till now. So I took him to each event and tried to make him understand that these are the things of the past when he was just a child without any real understanding. All encounters were with the mutual consent of both partners involved. They were based on impulses and thus there is no need to feel any guilt now.

One of such encounter was with his very close relative, his family member. She was probably double of his age. The event went smoothly but after the encounter,  the lady informed his mother about what has happened and pointed all the blame on him. Obviously he was scolded and was beaten up and was humiliated for this event. I asked him to go to that event. When he was seeing that event, I ask him to switch perspective from the point of that person who did all this to him. I asked him to understand what she was thinking and it came out that she was taking revenge from him as he had been previously involved with one of her close relative.

So then we tried to find the reason for WHY all this has happened in his life?
We went through magical door and another scene appeared. He started explaining

“There is a big demon in front of me. The demon is dark in color and is wearing very few clothes. He is very strong and is laughing mercilessly at me. Demon is saying that I am under his control”.

I ask him to request the demon to go away. But the demon refused to go. Demon said “I will not leave you, I will keep on controlling you”.

“Alright”, I said to him, “then let’s try something else.  Create a shield of light around you and command the universe that all the negative entities should remain outside of this shield. Now they cannot come inside. Now imagine a cord between you and this demon and cut this cord.”

As soon as the cord was cut the demon started to disappear. Soon demon vanished and the boy felt a great sense of relief.

Then some divine entities(Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva) appeared in the scene. I asked them if they have any message for us. They said “You have done a good job by freeing him from this negative energy”. They gave him their blessings and told him to stay happy and enjoy his life.

It seems that he became free from the negative energies that were holding him for so long.


We all have events in our life that are sometimes not very pleasant. They leave a great deal of impact on our mental and emotional health. Sometimes we carry these emotions across lifetimes.

After this session, I asked my Guru ji, Yogi Buddhadeva, about what was the significance of that Demon who appeared during the session. Guru ji explained that the Demon signified a “Demonic personality trait” in this boy. And as we commanded the demon to leave, so the boy is now free from this “Demonic personality trait”.

May God Bless him.

By – Yogi Jnana Param

A Second Chance Therapy Session – 9th November 2016

A Second Chance Therapy: Deception & Revenge


How close friend and family members can turn out to be Deceptive and How journey to past-life helps in understanding and acceptance.

Mr Veer is 25 year old. He had a life with carefree attitude and enjoyed most of it with exception to a heartbreak that happened an year ago.

Following are the list of characters involved(names are changed):

Mr. Jai – Veer’s Cousin brother

Miss Sim – Jai’s Girlfriend

Miss Nim – Veer’s Girlfriend

Sim helped Veer to get in relationship with a girl named Nim. Veer stayed in relationship with Nim for an year and after which the relation broke. After break up, Jai and Sim constantly tortured him with their advises and suggestions. They kept on saying things to him that made him feel more miserable and more helpless but they were saying that they want only good for him and that’s why they were telling him all these things. Veer started to feel anger and frustration. It was as if he was getting burnt and consumed from inside. He spent an year in misery. For the last 15 days after suffering for around an year, he felt easy and then he came in my contact during a group meditation session. He decided to go for personnel session. It was his time to heal by understanding and to get free from this Karma.

We started the session. I took him into a deep relaxing meditative state and started to interact with him, so that he can gain more understanding from his experiences.

Me: Go a little back from today, around 8 months back. What do you see?

Veer: It’s after the breakup. I am with Jai and Sim in their jeep. We are driving. They are continuously talking and making me feel miserable about what has happened. I want them not to bring up this topic but they are not stopping. It is as if they are getting some sort of twisted pleasure by making me feeling miserable. It’s increasing my pain…. I am blank now.

Me: Go to the moment of your breakup. What do you see?

Veer: I am reading the message of break up. I am feeling miserable. Helpless and painful.

Me: Float above this scene.

Veer: (He started laughing) Ha ha ha…. I look so miserable. Such a Fool…

Me: In this moment, go to Nim’s place and see what she is doing?

Veer: She is at her house with her mother. Both are laughing. They are laughing at how they fooled me and got rid of me.

Me: Go to the time when you first met this girl.

Veer: We are sitting on the back seat of my car. I a feeling very happy.

Me: Go to the moment when Nim and Sim planned for your first meeting with Nim.

Veer: I see Sim and Nim in a car. I am not present there. Sim is planning for the meeting. She is telling Nim that it will be real fun to make fool of me. Sim is laughing like a beast.

Me: Go back a little bit before to any significant event.

Veer: I am at disco. Jai and Sim are with me. Sim is trying to get close to me. But I can not get close to her cause my brother Jai is already in love with her. I have to keep my distance from her.

Note: It is possible in deep meditation to see the hidden intentions of others even in time and place where we are not present physically. This is how he understood the deception and lies of the persons so close to him.

The only remaining question was that why they all were doing this. Why he was being deceived and stabbed. To find this answer, we went back in time to one of his past births. After some silence, he spoke..

Veer: I had killed a man. He is Jai…. I killed him.

Me: Which year it is? What is your name here and what is Jai’s name? Why you had killed him?

Veer: It’s 1870. I am well built and strong. My name is Firaag. I am 35 years old. His name is Mohammad. He is my best friend. But he was stalking my daughter. So I had killed him. The daughter I see is my grandmother in current life time. Mohammad’s mother is very angry at me. She is shouting that ‘I will kill you’. She is… she is Sim. I had captured her as well and I had locked her in a room at my house. Now I am abusing and torturing her…… Finally I had killed her by breaking her neck. She kept shouting that she will take REVENGE. My own mother is beating me up for this deed but I have no remorse. I am strong. My mother in this birth is also my mother in current life.

Me: Go to the time when you died in this lifetime

Veer: I am dying. Another best friend of mine has stabbed me in my back. I was strong and could not be killed, so he stabbed me from behind. He is also my best friend in my current life. Ah, Now I know the reason why I feel this friend is not trust-able in current life.

Me: Leave the body and see what happens.

Veer: I am floating and going upwards. Feels like I am going to meet God. My mother who died earlier then me is also here. She had held me in her arms. I am peaceful and relaxed.

Me: Review everything and see what is that you understand.

Veer: They are not good for you. Don’t let them come back in your life. Stay away from them.

As we came to know the reason for all that had happened with him in this life, so we exited the scene. Inside this deep meditation, I instructed him to practice ‘Forgiveness‘ for everyone who had hurt him and whom he had hurt, knowingly or unknowingly. He felt deeply relaxed after the forgiveness exercise.


Visiting his past life gave him the answer for his suffering in this life time. He received the message to stay away from Jai, Sim and another of his best friend who were the cause of suffering for him in current life. Sometimes we have to create distance from family members and friends who are toxic for us. Its called self love i.e. first take care of yourself and then work for others.

Friends and family members are hard to get rid off because they present themselves in a very convincing way. Also we had shared many life experiences with them and have physical/mental/emotional dependencies on each other. So we tend to let our guard down for them while ignoring the fact that they are probably going to repeat the same behavior again. ‘A Second Chance Therapy’ session can help one to identify the true intentions of someone who is being deceiving and manipulative.

It is yet to see whether Veer will be able to stay away from them. Time only knows.

God bless him.

Group Past Life Regression – 16th September 2016

Free ‘A Second Chance Therapy’ Session – 21st December 2016

A Second Chance Therapy Group Session

Burn Gym, Phase 10, Mohali, Punjab, India

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Date: Wednesday 21st December 2016
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Meditation vs Energy Clearing


Is ‘Self Meditation’ same as ‘Energy clearing Meditation’?

Many people seem to think that meditating means clearing, or that thinking about letting something go means clearing the energy. It doesn’t. Meditation can lift your energy vibration temporarily and help you attune with your soul, but it can’t eradicate negative karma or energy triggers of things like running and separation.

Cassady Cayne

How Energy clearing meditations become so powerful?

It is said that when a mantra is chanted by many people, it becomes powerful(‘SIDH’) after some time.

Similarly when a particular guided meditation(energy clearing tool) is being used by many people across the globe, its power increases manifold. As more and more people connect with same meditation, its healing power keep on multiplying. This is why the energy clearing meditations are so powerful.


Group Past Life Regression – 24th August 2016

Session Held at Burn Gym Phase 10, Mohali


Participants Review: