Past Life Regression of Mr. V – Fear

Fear Of The Boss

Overcoming Fear

He was going through bad physical condition, poor mental condition, being emotionless and no spiritual activity.

He had a strange fear from water that he did not used to take shower for a week. He also used to avoid putting his feet in water at the front of Gurudawara entrance.

Above all, he had other problems like fear of darkness and escapism from questions by his supervisor.

So we went back in time and went to the age of four. He had a small fight with someone older than him and his Mother gave him a message that ‘Don’t fear anyone‘.

Then he went into a past life in the year 1748. The country was Norway and he was a Cowboy riding a horse. His name was John Rytuder and age was between 23 and 24. He could see a house with some old lady. She looked like a witch and he sensed fear. He was skeptical but as I asked him to go near her and talk to her, so he tried to do so and as soon as he approached her, his fear disappeared. She talked to him and treated him very well. He was amazed at his own response and response of that lady. He felt very relieved.


As soon as he approached the situation or people that gave him a feeling of fear, his fear disappeared. Regression gave him message to be brave enough and not to run away from his fear, instead face them. It gave him a message that he will have to overcome Fear of Boss, Fear of starting new relationships and Fear of losing loved ones.

His name was John Rytuder in that birth and that’s why in current lifetime he likes the name of a person named ‘John sinha’ and a bike named ‘ryder’. We often find more connected to things with whom we have a familiarity from past.


After few weeks, he informed me that he is no more afraid of his supervisor. He could talk to his supervisor about work hours, salary appraisal and  about the unacceptable work conditions.

This is very good improvement. Regression changed him from inside. Its neither advising, nor suggesting, it’s a tool that empowered him.

Past Life Regression of Mr. D – Guilt and Hurt


Healing Guilt.

Generally people have a tendency to make an em-path feel guilty. By making you feel guilty they can get all those tasks done, which otherwise you will never do.

So, he was suffering from similar guilt and hurt. People used o take advantage of him by making him feel guilty.

So I took him back in time.

A few years back he saw one of his friends with whom he was breaking his relation as the relation was not very pleasant one. – Feeling of Guilt.

Then I took him to his time of marriage. He was confused. His wife seemed happy but he was not ready for the marriage. – Feeling of Guilt.

Took him to school time where he had hit a boy in self defense. The boy started crying. – Feeling of Guilt.

Another movement came where he was standing on the rooftop and his mother asked him to drop the keys. He threw the keys and the keys hit the head of another woman who was standing near his mother. She fainted due to the impact. – Feeling of Guilt and Fear.

While playing with his father, he accidentally burnt his father clothes a little bit due to firecrackers. His father said that there is nothing to worry but he felt – Feeling of Guilt.

Then we moved on further back when he was around 8 years old and was going to market with his elder sister. A man followed them and passed lewd comment to his sister. At that moment he felt scared and so did his sister. Both of them ran toward home. – Feeling of Guilt, Hurt, Anger.

Then we went back to the age of 5. While playing with kids he accidentally hit the kid near his eyes. The kids got saved but he had – Feeling of Guilt and Fear.


Repeatedly he had felt Guilt and Anger through out his life. And the pattern was still going on. People were still making him feel guilty and were making him to do things that he never wanted to do.

In this Past Life Regression Session, he reviewed this life time and realized that that he has been following  this pattern for very long. Understanding his behavior gave him wisdom and strength to break this pattern.

Follow up:

After few days from session, he reported that he is finally free from the Guilt from which he was suffering for so long 🙂

God Bless Him.


Past Life Regression of Mr J



Mr J had fear of insecurity in every new work he started and in every decision that he made.

So I took him back into current lifetime.

We started review of this life time and found something amazing when he reached the time when he was in his mother’s womb. He could feel the pain of his mother and was able to see the nurses and doctors taking her to delivery room.

Immediately after delivery he got very sick and so he was kept in a glass box for his treatment.He could recognize the roof of the hospital and could see his elder sisters, doctors, nurses, but could not see his mother. He was separated from her mother for 15 days. This pain of separation from his mother created feeling of insecurity in him.

When he saw that scene, he started crying like a baby and was calling for her mother like mama mama mama. After few minutes of crying he calmed down.

Then I progressed him to the around 15 days ahead where he was able to be with his mother. Meeting his mother made him calm, relax and he was in the state of bliss. I left him there as he wanted to stay with his mother. He stayed there for few minutes and then I guided him back into current time.


It seems that the separation from his mother at birth time created an insecurity in the child that was being carried on till date. It is healed now as he gave me his review that the insecurity does not exist anymore.

God bless him.

क्या मैं संतुष्ट हूं

Reply From My Soul


हां मैं संतुष्ट हूं, क्योंकि मुझे लग रहा है कि मैं सही रास्ते पर आगे बढ़ रहा हूं,
बढ़ रहा हूं और हर रोज संतुष्ट महसूस कर रहा हूं।
इससे ज्यादा मुझे और क्या चाहिए,
आनंद की स्थिति में मैं हमेशा रहता हूं।

अगर मैं आनंद की स्थिति में नहीं रहता या कोई इच्छा मन में चलती रहती,
तो मुझे लगता कि नहीं मुझे कुछ और भी करना चाहिए,
इसको किसी तरीके से हल करना चाहिए या क्या यह हाल हो भी सकती है या नहीं,

पर अब मुझे ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे अंदर से पूरी तरह से संतुष्टि है,
कोई लालच नहीं, कोई इच्छा नहीं, कोई चाहत नहीं,
मिल जाए तो ठीक है, नहीं मिले तो भी ठीक है,
बस भगवान के साथ जुड़ने की इच्छा है, यह तो रहेगी ही हमेशा।

भगवान से यह प्रार्थना की थी कि वह अपने चरणों में जोड़ लें और उन्होंने खुद ही रस्ते तैयार कर दिए,
और भी अगर कुछ होगा तो वह भी आ जाएगा सामने,
सब कुछ अपने समय से होता जाएगा,
बस आनंद से रहना है, आनंद में जीना है।

अब तो यह प्लान भी नहीं है कि कल क्या करना है, और आज क्या करना है,
जो सामने आ जाए वह कर लेंगे, नहीं आएगा तो नहीं करेंगे,
इंतजार भी एक क्रिया है, आराम करना भी एक क्रिया है,
अपनी स्पीड से जो होता है होते जाने देते हैं, अपनी क्रिया करी जाते हैं और आनंद में रहते हैं।

जिसने आना है वह आ जाएगा और जिसने नहीं आना वह नहीं आएगा।

अगर किसी के काम आ सकूं तो खुशी होगी, अगर नहीं आ सकूंगा तो यह उसकी मर्जी होगी,
शायद मेरा इतना ही रोल है, अपनी तरफ से कोई खास प्रयास नहीं करना है,
ऐसे ही चलने देना है, चीज़है अपने आप होती जाएंगी।

मुझे बस नया नया सीखते रहना है, आगे बढ़ते रहना है।

सीखने और सिखाने में मुझे खुशी मिलती है, वह करते रहना है,
साथ की साथ घर का खर्चा चलता रहे इसलिए कुछ काम भी करना है।

अगर कोई प्यारा जो बिछड़ा हुआ है वह मिल जाए तो भगवान का शुक्रिया है,
अगर वह ना मिले तो यह भी भगवान की मर्जी है,
जब सब कुछ उसके हाथ में है तो मैंने क्या करना है,
बस जो सीख सकता हूं सीखते जाना है, आगे बढ़ते जाना है।

आनंद में जीना है और शायद आनंद में ही मर जाना है।

अगर इस जीने मरने के चक्कर से मुक्त हो जाए तो क्या बात है,
नहीं भी हो पाए तो उसकी मर्जी,
यहां तक वह ले आया है, तो आगे भी ले जाएगा,
अभी जो करवा रहा है, इसी तरह से आगे भी करवाएगा।

और कुछ नहीं है कहने को बस शुक्रिया है उस खुदा का,
जो हो रहा है वह भी अच्छा है और जो होगा वह भी अच्छा ही होगा।

बस आगे बढ़ते जाना है।

Yogi Param

Spiritual Man


A Spiritual Man – My Journey

I met someone 2 years back. That person told me that their was a prediction by a Tarot reader that a Spiritual Man will enter his/her life.

At that time I had no idea what was meaning of spirituality. I thought that gathering knowledge from here and there, reading nice quotes, going to Gurudawara/temple and similar activities are considered as spirituality.

Later, I came to know that there is whole science that helps in expansion of consciousness. Following the scientific practices to raise consciousness is the motive of spirituality.

Today, With the grace of Lord and under guidance of my guru ji, Yogi BuddhaDeva, I had completed one full year of following those spiritual practices(Kriya Kundalini Yoga).

Time and situations converted a hardcore gym-er and a software engineer(me 🙂 ), to a spiritual man, who now even finds it hard to go to gym(but is managing the routine somehow).

The prediction became true.

Twin Mr. K***L Awakens

Twin Soul Awakening

Mr. K***L meet his twin soul

He tried the ‘Meet your twin’ meditation and asked following questions from his twin and got these answers.

He: Where are you located?

She: In your home town.

He: How old are you?

She: 26-27(I should mention that he is around 38 years old)

He: When will you meet me?

She: In 3-4 years.

After this meditation, he came to our center another day. I was in a mood of taking a guided meditation session. So I asked him to join the group and go through the meditation. I asked everyone to think of a question and we will try to find an answer.

His question was that even though he his married and have a family, still,  why he feels incomplete. When will he be satisfied?

During the meditation, he received following items: A clock, A Mirror and a Tie.

My interpretation is following:

  • Clock represents that his time is arriving,
  • Mirror represents that he will meet his mirror soul(i.e. twin soul),
  • and Tie represents that there will be celebration.

So, his time is coming soon to meet his twin soul and have celebration.

God bless him and give him the strength to go through the twin soul process.

Early Morning Wake Up

Why do i wake up early morning?
Why do i wake up early morning?

What to do when you wake up early morning?

Last night I woke up at 2:16 AM. I was having a vision/dream and saw someone in very playful and cheerful mood, playing in park. I felt very contended and felt that I don’t need any more sleep.

Of course its a symptom of ascension that we all are going through. The real challenge here is that how to make best use of this time. So I did freshen-up and then thought that what should I do now.

Only thing I could think of at that moment was to Meditate. So I started my daily spiritual practices which lasted for around an hour.

It was good experience and then I went to sleep at around 4 AM, and it was a deep sleep.

So I guess I made a good use of my time.

Happy Meditating 🙂

A Second Chance Therapy – Miss M

Past Life Regression

Miss M finds freedom.

She lives in semi joint family. Her kids are friendly but her husband is not emotionally connected. In fact he is verbally abusive. In-laws are also not very supportive.
Her life pattern is such that there is an emptiness with no bonding with anyone, very less friends and even lesser understanding with anyone. She remains in anxiety, tension and could not sleep.

So her focus was that how can she change her situation in positive manner?
How can She satisfy other people in her life?

We started with the session and soon she was deeply relaxed.

She saw that a person with white robe, asking her to come with her. She felt love from him.

But suddenly she jumped into another scene where she saw herself as a girl holding a small home made of mud and waiting for someone. She was singing the song of God. People in her surrounding were gathering near her. It seemed that she is waiting for someone to complete her.(Symbolizes: Emptiness)

Then next scene came where it was night time and bombs were being throne over her village. She was scared and felt alone here.(Symbolizes: Fear)

Next she moved into another scene where she saw a Trident and hand bracelet of gold. There was a snake and one man was sitting in front of that Snake was sitting alone and then the man was doing Meditation(Sadhana)(Symbolizes: Need to meditate and go into spiritual practices)

Next, I took her to meet her inner child but something strange happened there. She saw darkness and it took her inner child and ran away. She tried to run after her but the darkness was too fast and it took her inner child away.(Symbolizes: Suppressed inner child)

Then she moved into another scene where she saw her self being pushed out of her current home. Her family was abandoning her. She took her kids with her. She saw herself wearing orange(yogi) clothes. She felt like she is free finally and is leaving for the mountains with her kids. Then she saw herself in white gown, with white flowers. Her kids were happy, she was happy and there was happiness all over. (Symbolizes: Freedom and happiness)

Finally we tried to find the reason that is blocking her happiness. She found herself in a closed room where it felt like she was captured. She used to bang her head against the wall and finally managed to get out of the room. But soon after the escape, she died.
Then she went into a light and was welcomed on the other side as a soul. Her father showed up and he greeted her. There was someone else who was sitting on horse and that person came near to her. She was a little bit afraid so she tried to hide behind his father. The person on the horse asked her to come with her. She took his hand and went with him. Both of them created a separate world. There was a small house and she was very happy. But one day the man left and did not come back.
A Darkness started to sit outside the door of her home and her husband was on the other side of the darkness. She waited and waited there. In the wait, she became old but still she could not get out and Darkness was laughing at her. So finally she decided to fight the darkness. She fought and won and then she went and got united with her husband on the other side.(Symbolizes: Fight with the weakness in yourself)

This was a wonderful session with so many scenes that came one after another. She again and again saw the same pattern that she is being suppressed by some force in all the scenes.

And how did happiness came to her life?
Happiness came when she decided to fight the darkness, suppression.

‘A Second Chance Therapy Session’ – Miss R

Past Life Regression Session at Yogasth

How she released seven years of mental and emotional stress.

Miss R had a very stressful life for around 7 years.
She was being forced by her parents and by her relatives to get married but as she had seen the failed marriages of her parent and her elder sister, so she was not very keen to get married.So the stressful process begun. She was stressed by her parents and by her relatives everyday. She belonged to a small village in Punjab where it is a normal thing to force Women to get married.
She used to work but she was abused daily by her parents as they did not liked her working outside. Even her mother doubted that she has some intimate relation with her brother(her brother is a ‘special’ child).
So over all, she was very stressed out during her stay with her parents. This long term stress caused severe damage to her brain in the form that she is now not able to think much and stays always in confused state.

She finally surrendered to the pressure and got married. But there happened a miracle that to her surprise the man to whom she got married was very supportive. He was the one who supported her and helped her to get out of all the misery that she has been going through. With his help she was out of the stressful situation, but the stress that she had seen for last 7 years had left a mark on her brain. She is now afraid of talking in public as she is afraid that she is unable to understand ongoing conversations and a small amount of stress Triggers anxiety and much more.

So one day she decided to talk with me and it came out that she should go through ‘A Second Chance Therapy’. I took her deep into meditation and then we started to review her current life.

She looked at the instances that happened again and again in her life and then we tried to find the source of these instances. The first message that she got was

**Don’t take life too seriously**

She also had this pattern that she liked this when some guests come to her place but soon she started to feel irritated. We looked into her Memories and found out that she was carrying this pattern from her older sister. Her older sister used to hide in closet when someone used to come to their place. As Miss R was very young at that time so she inherited this trait from her elder sister unknowingly. So the next message that she got was:

**Don’t follow others blindly**

Next we looked into other issues in her life and we got this answer that:

**Don’t listen to others so seriously, it’s their opinion not yours, live your life your way**

She remembered an incident that at the age of 5 she had a swear attack, that while crying she was unable to get back to her senses and thus she collapsed. She was hospitalized and she was nearly dead. So I asked that what is the purpose of her coming back to this world and we got this message:

**Moksha, Meditation, Dhayana**

It was a wonderful session. It took us around 3 hours to finish this but the results were amazing. A lot of trauma healed that day.

After session:
After the session, now she is in a state that she starts crying any time in a day. You may ask WHY?

Let me Explain with an example. If we have frozen water in pipes, and then we start melting it, the water starts to come out of pipe, similarly its the frozen suppressed emotions in her brain that were touched and melted by the therapy session. These emotions are coming out now.

After crying, she feels relaxed, because her brain is getting lighter and lighter with every crying session.

She had joined our Meditation group to heal everything faster.

May God bless her.

Thank you WaheGuru ji.

Twin Souls – 10th July 2016

Twin Soul Phenomena