Every soul has a twin

All twins want to be together

It is very difficult if one twin is on a higher level and the other on a lower one.
The one who is on a higher level has to wait for its twin to rise to its level.
For that reason, the one who is on a higher level in the spirit world has to encourage the one on Earth, who is on a lower level.
It is a very hard task to bring an Earth twin to a higher level.
All twins want to be together, whether their other half is a good or bad soul.


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There is no more important stage for you to pass through in this lifetime in keeping your twin flame

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Stages of Twin flame Union

It’s all dependent upon how quickly you choose to move through the stages.
The more you and your twin flame choose to work on your Union the more quickly you will pass through these stages and inevitably find your Union completely in love.