Why do some people on Earth know their soul mission while others do not?

Reason why you do not know your mission

  1. You have to be on a good spiritual level to know your mission. If you are on the wrong path, you are very far away from the first mission of self-improvement, so the question of service does not even arise.
  2. Your subconscious mind has to be open so that you will be able to recognize your mission. If you are extremely logical and ignore your instinct, you are running away from your true purpose. The physical mind can be a hindrance when it becomes too analytical.
  3. Your mission will be revealed to you only if you are ready for it. If you know about it too soon, it may overwhelm you or make you proud. You must be ready to accept the responsibility of that mission and be able to handle it.
  4. Your level of commitment is vital. How dedicated are you to the spiritual path? If you are consistent, and spirituality is a priority in your life, you will be directed to your true purpose. Sometimes, the efforts that human beings make to understand their missions are halfhearted, so they do not improve or make any progress.

You are a channel for God’s work on Earth; if you pollute yourself by following the wrong path, you are rejecting the opportunity to perform your mission and you will lose your gift. If you are an impure channel, you will not be able to access the guidance from the spirit world that would lead you to your mission and eventually help you accomplish it. Every soul is born for a purpose, but that purpose will be revealed only when you have begun your spiritual journey. Once you discover that purpose and begin fulfilling your mission, you will be truly happy and at peace.


Loneliness is a huge problem today. Even though people
have families, they still feel lonely. Why is there so much
loneliness on Earth?

There are two reasons for this feeling. First of all, you are not a complete soul on Earth. Since you are now aware of the concept of twin souls, you will realize that you are only half of a soul, and the loneliness you feel is a longing for your other half.
However, once you understand this, you must make sure that you achieve that sense of completion on Earth, as it is your test. It is absolutely possible to feel complete on Earth by fulfilling your spiritual mission.
Once you discover your life’s true purpose, you will be at peace. Feelings of emptiness arise when your subconscious mind tells you that you are not fulfilling your mission on Earth.

Secondly, your subconscious mind knows that Earth is not your real home. It longs for the spirit world, for the peace of higher Realms, and the company of your group souls and loved ones. This should not be an excuse for you to feel
discontent; to feel content is one of the greatest tests on Earth and that test must not be failed. Do not wait for death to bring you peace. To be at peace in the spirit world you must first learn to be at peace on Earth.
Loneliness is part of that battle and must be dealt with correctly.

Twin Flame Spirit communication

One twin on a higher level waits for the other to rise and has to work hard to stop the twin from falling any lower.
When the higher twin tries to project thoughts to the other one on Earth, the Earth twin may not even bother to heed those thoughts for years.

But through spirit communications it is easy and rapid. Therefore, our progress is much more rapid with, rather than without, spirit communication.

People think spirit communication hinders the departed soul’s progress and that is why most don’t want to communicate with their dear departed souls.

Is that true, or is it that their guilty conscience stops them from communicating?


Fallen Twin

Raising a Fallen Twin

The person on Earth who has let his subconscious mind become dormant and who refuses to follow his or her spirit guide’s projected impression is a real problem for us spirit beings.

Who is left to improve such a soul but its twin?

Bringing a fallen twin on Earth to a higher level and trying to improve him or her is a very difficult job for the twin in the spirit world.


Note: You can help your fallen twin get back up by working the energy that you share with your twin. You lift your energy and your twin will get benefit from it.

Twin flames growth levels

Very few twin flames are on the same level

So the twin on the higher level has to wait – not 2 or 3, nor 20 or 30, not even 200 or 300 years, but in some cases 500 or 600 years in spirit plane.
Once a soul reaches Realms 1, 2 or 3 in spirit plane, it will take hundreds of Earth years to rise higher.  Some even take thousands of years.

The desire of the twin who is waiting for the other to come up is so strong and genuine that he or she takes birth on Earth to help the other twin.

Sometimes they succeed, but most of the time they fall to a lower level as well. This is how the spirit world and the Earth world go on.

Book: Laws of the spirit World
By: Khorshed Bhavnagri

As you are reading this post, so it means that you had awakened first. You can do some work on astral/dream plane to help your twin flame awaken.
Do you think it’s worth to learn tools that can help you in awakening your twin flame ?

Every soul has a twin

All twins want to be together

It is very difficult if one twin is on a higher level and the other on a lower one.
The one who is on a higher level has to wait for its twin to rise to its level.
For that reason, the one who is on a higher level in the spirit world has to encourage the one on Earth, who is on a lower level.
It is a very hard task to bring an Earth twin to a higher level.
All twins want to be together, whether their other half is a good or bad soul.


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There is no more important stage for you to pass through in this lifetime in keeping your twin flame

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