Twin flames growth levels

Very few twin flames are on the same level

So the twin on the higher level has to wait – not 2 or 3, nor 20 or 30, not even 200 or 300 years, but in some cases 500 or 600 years in spirit plane.
Once a soul reaches Realms 1, 2 or 3 in spirit plane, it will take hundreds of Earth years to rise higher.  Some even take thousands of years.

The desire of the twin who is waiting for the other to come up is so strong and genuine that he or she takes birth on Earth to help the other twin.

Sometimes they succeed, but most of the time they fall to a lower level as well. This is how the spirit world and the Earth world go on.

Book: Laws of the spirit World
By: Khorshed Bhavnagri

As you are reading this post, so it means that you had awakened first. You can do some work on astral/dream plane to help your twin flame awaken.
Do you think it’s worth to learn tools that can help you in awakening your twin flame ?

Every soul has a twin

All twins want to be together

It is very difficult if one twin is on a higher level and the other on a lower one.
The one who is on a higher level has to wait for its twin to rise to its level.
For that reason, the one who is on a higher level in the spirit world has to encourage the one on Earth, who is on a lower level.
It is a very hard task to bring an Earth twin to a higher level.
All twins want to be together, whether their other half is a good or bad soul.