Meditation vs Energy Clearing


Is ‘Self Meditation’ same as ‘Energy clearing Meditation’?

Many people seem to think that meditating means clearing, or that thinking about letting something go means clearing the energy. It doesn’t. Meditation can lift your energy vibration temporarily and help you attune with your soul, but it can’t eradicate negative karma or energy triggers of things like running and separation.

Cassady Cayne

How Energy clearing meditations become so powerful?

It is said that when a mantra is chanted by many people, it becomes powerful(‘SIDH’) after some time.

Similarly when a particular guided meditation(energy clearing tool) is being used by many people across the globe, its power increases manifold. As more and more people connect with same meditation, its healing power keep on multiplying. This is why the energy clearing meditations are so powerful.


Group Past Life Regression – 24th August 2016

Session Held at Burn Gym Phase 10, Mohali


Participants Review:

Another ‘Param’


Due to some recent developments, my(Yogi Jnana Param’s) priorities have changed. For last six months I was working full time for Yogasth. Now I have to get back to my other job and also work for Yogasth.

So in short, alone this ‘Param’ is not going to be enough.

It seems Universe is making space for another ‘Param’. Yogasth Foundation needs at least one more ‘Param’.

Is it possible that there are two of these ‘Param’ in same time and space, who will work together for the highest mission of their life?

Time only knows!

Past Life Regression of Mr. V – Fear

Fear Of The Boss

Overcoming Fear

He was going through bad physical condition, poor mental condition, being emotionless and no spiritual activity.

He had a strange fear from water that he did not used to take shower for a week. He also used to avoid putting his feet in water at the front of Gurudawara entrance.

Above all, he had other problems like fear of darkness and escapism from questions by his supervisor.

So we went back in time and went to the age of four. He had a small fight with someone older than him and his Mother gave him a message that ‘Don’t fear anyone‘.

Then he went into a past life in the year 1748. The country was Norway and he was a Cowboy riding a horse. His name was John Rytuder and age was between 23 and 24. He could see a house with some old lady. She looked like a witch and he sensed fear. He was skeptical but as I asked him to go near her and talk to her, so he tried to do so and as soon as he approached her, his fear disappeared. She talked to him and treated him very well. He was amazed at his own response and response of that lady. He felt very relieved.


As soon as he approached the situation or people that gave him a feeling of fear, his fear disappeared. Regression gave him message to be brave enough and not to run away from his fear, instead face them. It gave him a message that he will have to overcome Fear of Boss, Fear of starting new relationships and Fear of losing loved ones.

His name was John Rytuder in that birth and that’s why in current lifetime he likes the name of a person named ‘John sinha’ and a bike named ‘ryder’. We often find more connected to things with whom we have a familiarity from past.


After few weeks, he informed me that he is no more afraid of his supervisor. He could talk to his supervisor about work hours, salary appraisal and  about the unacceptable work conditions.

This is very good improvement. Regression changed him from inside. Its neither advising, nor suggesting, it’s a tool that empowered him.