What can we achieve together?

Whether you have met your Twin Flame
Have questions about Twin Flames.

If you need assistance from someone who had experienced Twin Flame Phenomena
had reached a harmonious reunion, then you are at right place.

Get in Touch and accelerate the journey to realize eternal Love with your counterpart.

Why Coaching?

A bit about coaching

  • It’s is not Consulting
  • It’s is not Mentoring
  • It’s is not Advising
  • It’s is not Counseling


  • It empowers you to find answers within, with right tools.
  • It empowers you to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

Note: Only a person who is balanced and living a fulfilling life is able to unite with his/her Twin Flame.


Yogi Jñāna Param

He neither advises nor suggests, he provides tools to empower

A software engineer having served for 15 years, turned to Spiritual sciences, who is:

  • Life Coach
  • Meditation Master and Teacher
  • A Second Chance Therapy Facilitator
  • Reiki Master Healer
  • Past Life Regression Facilitator

He was thrown into the Twin Flame journey head-first which turned his life upside down. He had spent years researching the Twin Flame dynamic and is at the union stage of his journey.


What other Twin Flames have to say

  I am always grateful for his guidance and initiative towards beginning of my spiritual journey. Learning Kriya Kundalini Yoga is the best gift that any human can give to himself or others in the lifetime. This can happen only with the blessings of Guru, who shows the path and above all correct technique which …

Rajesh Garg

As we all know that all the events in our life are predestined by God almighty. My life changed for good when I attended a group meditation session. It was conducted by Yogi Jnana Param, who is Twin Flames Coach. During the meditation I met my twin flame. Meeting her was a beautiful experience & …